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PHP Yii development is is the shortened acronym for “Yes it is”! YII framework is the modern object oriented, high performance component based PHP 5 framework used for developing wide range of Web applications.  YII contains  plenty of add-on features.  It provides a scalable and particularly modular development platform to develop any application, website  or module of any scale. Yii framework is highly  advance as one of the fastest, most professional and secure frameworks to use in a PHP projects.  Yii framework works with ll size and scope of the project, it has recently been developed to work best for enterprise applications.


Benefits of YII Framework

  • Brilliant performance in small to large scale development
  • Database Access Object/ Active Records Support
  • MVC Design Pattern
  • Error-free Third party code support
  • AJAX enabled widgets integrated into the framework
  • Fastest & more secure PHP framework
  • Highly detailed documentation

Services Provided by SharpWebstudio in Yii Framework

  • Web application Development
  • Portal Development
  • Application Development
  • Module Development
  • Customization Services
  • Integration Services

Why to choose Sharpwebstudio

  • Our PHP experts have mastered Yii Framework to deliver high-performance and secure web applications matching your business goals or multifunctional websites.
  • Flexible Development Model
  • Timely Project Completion
  • Reduce web application development time
  • Excellent services & solutions
  • Maintenance and 24/7 support for your existing codeigniter web applications
  • Bug free support for 2 months after completion of the project .

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