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Phonegap Mobile Development

Cross Platform Mobile app for your business

PhoneGap is most widely used Open Source frameworks for cross-platform mobile application development. It has integrated web technologies and native development with a cross platform approach with the web being the only part that is portable. Instead of using native language, PhoneGap allows developers to use HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 for creating unique and vibrant apps. The applications developed in this framework are more advanced compared to normal HTML5 mobile websites. Considerable number of native app developers as well as beginners in mobile sector already tried out this cross-platform programming.

At SharpWebstudio, our dedicated developers study the subtleties of this framework and perform their activities solely to create a PhoneGap application which works or compatible with various mobile phone devices. PhoneGap app development team can create multiple app solutions for business, social media, games and  entertainment..  This technology helps app developers to boost  their current skills on the common platform, rather than a device specific programming language. 


Why create a cross platform app with Phonegap/Cordova ?


There’s no universal solution in both native  as well as in cross-platform app development and adopting PhoneGap as the platform for the project depends on subtleties involvement. People  are demanding to convert their existing native apps into multi-platform app using similar technologies as these apps provide ease of development and cost saving. PhoneGap SDK (Software Development Kit) offers a wide range of application interfaces to the developer to deal with the specific mobile feature. This is perfect for those developers who want to create single codebase to target multiple devices. That is why PhoneGap is called as ‘cool’ or ‘flawed’ technique.

Generally, a PhoneGap or Cordova project have 4 functional parts, which ensure the implementation of the HTML/JavaScript code as well as it supports some mobile hardware APIs like Geo location API, Accelerometer API, Media API, Globalization API, Compass sensor API, Storage API, Connection API and several others. PhoneGap allows to build a service-oriented, single-page HTML-5 application.

a) API for writing native plugins

b) A native browser (webView), embedded in the project

c) File storage, which contains HTML, JavaScript, and other web resources of the application and

d) structured API for accessing the native functionality of a mobile device from JavaScript code