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Cross Platform Mobile Application Development


Hybrid or Cross Platform Application refers to the capability of software or application to run on different platforms identically. It enables your customers to use specific app through whatever device they have, wherever they are: while using an Iphone/iPad at the local coffee shop, a Windows PC at work or an Android device on the go. For example, Users can switch from one platform to the other without changing your app code to a new format. There are many difference between native mobile app Vs cross platform and both has limitations and benefits to each other.

A cross Platform app development supports as many as available Smartphone devices available in market as well as deployment on same app stores are not so much difficult to a beginner. On the other hand, native apps only run with their specific mobile device or operating system and developer needs to excel in those languages. Most famous native mobile devices are : IOS from Apple, Android from Google, BlackBerry and Windows from Microsoft.  Each mobile platforms is unique with respect to programming languages and exhibits different SDK’s, user interfaces, features and capabilities which become strong rise to problem of fragmentation. To resolve these issues some really great multi-platform developer tools are available in the market today such as Titanium Appcelerator, Phonegap Cordova, HTML5 etc. These are the most popular amongst 100+ multi-platform tools to create non-native applications and helped thousands of users.

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