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Success and failure of any organization depends on ┬áits reputation. Social media is one of the greatest tool a company can use to create a positive online presence. It’s what people find when they Google you, and it shapes their impression of you — sometimes before you’ve even met.We at SharpWebstudio offer online reputation management services that include search result removal, suppression, protection and review management.


Why to choose SharpWebstudio?

  • At Sharpwebstudio we specialize in managing your past and future reputation online.
  • We help our client by removing bad Search Results
  • Often web pages cannot be removed or altered so they no longer appear when people search. In this case we use a “suppression” campaign. A suppression campaign pushes down bad search results by promoting good ones
  • We help our client to establish a strong reputation by using social networks such as facebook ,twitter.
  • We help protect already good search results while making them even better.