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Medical Drug Pronunciation App

About the app

Your Underground Secret, Drug Pronunciations Adviser!

Feeling overwhelmed, all these hard, prehistoric-like, dinosaur era sounding names thrown at you, don’t despear, BG1 Drug Pronunciation is designed to slice through all the nonsense and make you go back to your regular,lazy pre-drug pronunciation, favorite lounge chair existence at the comfort at your phone!

Turn you phone in to a walking, obedient,not asking any questions, available any time of the night and day,non back-talking pronunciation tutor.

Drug Pronunciation app is designed to service the medical communities as well as medical students, in their efforts to have outstanding,expert like,WOW factor drug pronunciation and killing the anxiety giant during medical exams preparation. Yah, go ahead and surprise your pips.

Cellular Therapy, Human OTC Drug Label, Human Prescription Drug Label, Non Standardized Allergenic Label, Plasma Derivative, Vaccine Label, Special Therapy. You can easily retrieve a drug for pronunciation , by searching the main index, or searching any of the above categories.

A convenient favorite feature allows you to save you favorite drugs for fast and immediate retrieval on demand and at will.

Your recent searches also are stored under the recent tab and you can easily check back at your previous drug pronunciation searches.

The app allows for sharing the drug pronunciations with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or simply email your favorite selection to your list.



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October 6, 2013