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It has become quite obvious these days that organizations use mobile as a key strategic channel for reaching out the wide range of audience to improve their market share, revenue/profit, and a better user experience. But various challenges are confronted in mobile publishing and SharpWebStudio has framed the below plans to address them.

The first and foremost step is we have broaden up our viewpoint as it is a transaction-based environment of mobile, one in which consumers are on for minutes, rather than hours at a time, means that we have just seconds to get them to our notice, without hassling them. Also, not every mobile users is connected to a fast Wi-Fi connection, so content and advertising need to be designed accordingly.

It has become difficult to convince marketers that mobile content/putting their brand next to certain content will yield better click-thrus and actions, such as downloads or newsletter sign-ups yet we manage to do so . The deep thinking around content design helps the team to catch-up in terms of how to sell the medium.