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Mobile and Web Software/Application Solution for Legal Services

Mobile and Web Applications for law & legal industry reduces the time spent on maintaining the legal activities on paperwork, carrying and searching for physical files each time when a client calls, it is very hard to find a particular case.  It doesn’t even allow clients to get answers at the time of inquiry. Information technology becomes an essential tool for computerized court operations, law schools, electronic discovery, law office operations and criminal procedure. Law industry on the wheels of mobility builds a mutual relationship between the lawyer and the client and maintains professional standards.

IT technologies like web & mobile platforms enable bespoke software and applications that allow a law firm to run more conveniently. These software programs enable law offices with tangible approach to all case files,  assist a lawyer in trimming the legal activities, conflict checking and improving efficiency. Certainly technology like SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) approach has been important to the legal profession for a long time and useful not only for the lawyers but also for the law firms.


ShapWebStudio provides below Web & Mobile Software Solutions for Legal Services

–          Applications to record and track Courte operations

–          Applications to track Performance of the Lawyers

–          Applications to manage Cases

–          Applications to review bill, Invoicing online

–          Applications which provide facility of centralized document storage

–          Applications to record client experience, manage Workflow & Contract etc.


Why Use Mobile and Web Software ?

Use of software on Smartphones, Tablets and desktops provide live access to legal documents, video conference, easiness of monitoring workflow and promises rich security and functionality. Student can practice, learn from these portals or applications on their mobile devices. Online access make it possible for anyone to search and view court records at any time. Lawyers, paralegals, law students, law firms/organizations and other legal professionals are operating database applications specific to their practice area which helps to complete daily tasks.