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Mobile and Web Application for Healthcare Sector

Information Technology helps in Reforming Health Care Industry through providing Web and Mobile  Medical Software/Applications. Traditional techniques were very costly, difficult and complex to manage. Latest innovative approach has increased awareness of maintaining health records, medical data for patients, doctors, diseases, medicines, research etc. Machineries and equipment in the healthcare systems need to be robust, scalable and equally easy to navigate. There are many web software and mobile applications available which are already in use for various medical, health care purposes.

Mobile and Web technology has come as a revolution. Not only it helps the stakeholders to access crucial data from anywhere, anytime but also provides advanced healthcare solutions. Today, healthcare activity are expected to produce an instant data access to connect the concerned people at any given point of time. Successful incorporation of enterprise solution for healthcare market results in a better and quick response in managing, diagnosing and treating health ailments. Useful data is collected with the help of Web applications, mobile devices, machine-to-machine (M2M) and accessed wherever, whenever via the cloud.


Healthcare Web and Mobile Software/Application Services helps in:


– Software Application to connect and convey crucial medical data in real time.
– For medical records (and common patient identifier)
– Data communications and transactions in stronger and in fastest way
– Bar coded point-of-care feature
– Use for Pharmacy dispensing and administration
– Tools for Radiology –  IHE, PACS
– Management of Physician order entry
– Lab tracking systems and verification


What solutions are provided by SharpWebStudio for health organizations?


– Patient Management Mobile & Web Applications which provides complete patient care, remote access to the patients’ data
– Hospital Information System (HIS) including NIS, LIS, RIS
– Automated Appointment System
– Operation Theatre System (OTS)
– Doctor Management and Staff Tracking System
– ePrescription, Decision Making System for Physicians
– Highly secured system to protect patient’s privacy, Patient Check-in & Out Tracking, Patient Scheduling
– Hospital Accounting and Inventory Management Software
– Integration of Third Party Medical Software into existing healthcare systems


Expected Outcomes

– Lower hospital and health care system operating costs

– Error avoidance and better patient outcomes

– Patient-centered data, more efficiently linking clinical data, easily accessible administrative and financial data.