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Information Technology in Learning and Education

Education and Learning Programs through Web and Mobile Applications

With the help of new innovation in information technology, the traditional education & learning system is already getting replaced. The use of such innovative technology has no barriers. Mobile and Web application provides a much broader experience of learning. Now students can learn much more than that the teacher teaches in conventional learning environments. Students not only learn by the teacher but they also learn along with the teacher and by interacting with one another.

The traditional education system was time consuming, incapable and complex. We believe that Web and mobile applications are easing the whole education system to create better citizens of tomorrow and it is the greatest way to grow in the computing industry. Information technologies plays a potential role in the field of education and training, specially, in distance education system providing by various universities all over the globe.  Information technologies help in promoting opportunities of knowledge sharing throughout the world.

The requirements of new technologies in learning, teaching process grows stronger and faster. A big role plays by EduSAT program which means education through Satellite. With the help of this system, teacher can easily share or provide training to the students across the state colleges universities etc. Students can communicate, ask their queries, group discussion, interaction to each other, share knowledge etc. These can help the teachers and students having up-to-date information and knowledge. 


Education and Learning Solutions with SharpWebStudio


We understand what new methods are needed for your school, colleges, institute or University and provide customized web and mobile application solutions which has numerous benefits.

– The use of web and mobile softwares/applications for education are much easier and cheaper. It make learning, teaching process more comfortable and students can get answers to their doubts, solutions etc.

– Customized education systems that enables teacher to provides learning resources like homework, notes, guides, eBooks and other helpful material on the handheld devices.

– Students can view examination schedule’s, time-tables and communicate interactively with the help of proper management system.

– The notification system via e-Mail, messages connects all the concerned people of the organization, and a similar system between education management team, including parents.


Web and Mobile Application solutions for Schools, Colleges, Institutes and Universities


Students are able to work in interactive and collaborative learning environments. Accurate and right information is necessary for effective education in schools, colleges, universities etc and we create set of tools (education and learning mobile applications/solutions) that can help provide the right people with the right information at the right time.

At SharpWebstudio, web and mobile applications for educational institutions are developed based on the present education standards which helps teaching learning process, knowledge explosion, effectively communication, sharing information, media, distance education etc. These Web applications and mobile solutions can be best utilized in the case where the student’s education requires a lot of travel or distance education.