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We live in a world where technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and in order to cope with the increased demands that your customers are having, the best thing you can do is to move your land-based store in the online world. Shopify is an e-commerce engine that provides you with a great way to share your items through an online interface. The tool has been created with ease of use and affordability in mind, however in order to truly stand out when using Shopify you need to customize it according to your needs.

How to perform Shopify setup?

Setting up Shopify requires you to go to and sign up for the service, then confirm your details. One that is done, you will enter your store that was just created and which requires some Shopify
customization. You will need to choose a theme for the store, then once you select and modify the theme according to your liking, you will need to start by adding products from the Products tab. You need to enter as many product details as possible, because the better the description, the higher conversion rates you can achieve. If you can add information such as the SKU, barcode and price comparison to your competition for example, you will definitely have the upper hand in increasing your conversion rate even further!

After you added a product, you need to save it then continue to add more products via the same menu, and then save your store. Once everything is set in stone, all that remains to be done is to launch the store!

Check out how the admin dashboard will look for your store. Now all that is left is gearing up for the sell.

Shopify Admin Dashboard screenshot

How can we help?

Shopify customization is the major key when it comes to success, and this is why working with a professional team of ecommerce website development will help you obtain the upper hand against your competition.

If you are looking for a good, honest and professional team of ecommerce developers, then here at SharpWebStudio we fit the bill perfectly. One of our main specializations is to completely customize your Shopify store by taking your vision and transposing it into reality. Our team of professionals will design any Shopify themes you need, according to your instructions, so you can have a unique, breathtaking new store that will generate more leads and increase your profitability.

Our team at Sharp Web Studio also provides you with complete Shopify customization as well as setup. With more than a decade of experience in performing Shopify customization, we focused on providing the highest quality, great speed as well as an increased level of security, which in our opinion are the trio that adds up to create the perfect ecommerce website. Not only this, we can optimise your Shopify store for Search Engines, attract visitors through digital marketing campaigns, well laid out product presentations and demonstration videos for your products.

Thanks to our competitive pricing, high amount of expertise as well as respect for our customers and project, you always know that working with us will be a great experience. This is why we encourage you to check out our ecommerce website development service, as it provides you with all the ingredients you need for having an astounding, professional and unique Shopify store. We look forward to work with you!

Are there any specific issues you are facing with your Shopify store ? Leave a comment below and let our expert team answer you.

Happy Selling!!