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Halloween as the world celebrates, is a combination of the festival of Samhain and other influences from around the world, including Christian influence. There may be a few pagans that still recognize Samhain and practice the original rituals. During the festival they would bless and convert Pagans. Each country celebrate this festive season in a different way. In the US, it’s a big fun day for kids as well as adults alike.


We call it “Halloween” because “Hallow” means saints, and “-een” (originally e’en) means Evening. All Hallows Eve.

“Halloween” Celebration Around the World

People love to be scared and Halloween is a time for just that. Thousands and thousands are spent on haunted houses all over the country. It is celebrated by millions of people around many countries as a fun time for kids, putting on costumes and going door-to-door to get candy

When you add retail candy and decoration sales to the figure, Halloween isn’t going away any time soon. In the US, it’s not a federal or religious holiday or anything. It’s simply a fun tradition. People get dressed up, have parties, trick-or-treat, tell spooky stories, etc.


Halloween’s just creeping around the corner and below are Best IOS and Android creepy apps to scare your friends on Halloween


1 . Angry Birds Halloween (Paid)

Angry Birds Halloween

(Itune App store link :

This game is a spooky twirl on the Rovio’s original gameplay to a whole new level! Marked with a scary pattern including ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, bats and more. From Halloween to Chinese New Year, the birds are celebrating special festive seasons around the world. Like its predecessor, Angry Birds Halloween has also been crazily popular and become #1 paid app in the both Itune and Android app stores.

App is well designed and incredibly challenging levels with more than 300 levels which will make you fun of Angry Birds, but more challenging, and with presents and pumpkins. The app regularly updates these special episodes without any charge, offers more challenging levels of golden eggs to discover and pig-popping action. Rovio explained that app was downloaded a million times in just six days and with the lowest price of $0.99


2. Halloween Card Creator (Free)

Halloween Card Creator

App store link :

With customization feature in Halloween Card Creator app lets you tailor your own Halloween cards with touch gestures, over 150 pieces of clip art, widgets, unique fonts and more. You can design amazing cards with just a few swipes of your fingers and share them with your friends. With the help of tons of great backgrounds, you can easily save and share your designed Halloween cards on Facebook or via email from the app itself.



3. Halloween Party Sound Lite (Free)

Halloween Party Sound Lite

App store link :

The Android counterpart to iPhone’s Soundlab, the Soundboard is pure fun. A scary Halloween soundboard with a difference. App lets you select a delay from Five to Sixty seconds, choose a sound, hide your phone and give your friends the spooky scare of their life as the sounds play by itself!

You can scare your friends with new Halloween characters and sounds like -Scarecrow, Vampire, Frankenstein, Mummy, Undertaker, Witch, Psycho, Devil and Monsters!

There is also pro version which provides an Ad-Free version with updated interface, sounds and a scary extra feature.


4. Halloween SplattaGhoul (Free)

Halloween SplattaGhoul

App store :

SplattaGhoul Halloween is ghastly game featuring creepy creatures of the night, fearsome 3D-rendered locations, chilling sound effects and eerie music. Splattaghoul suitable for all age players, suitable for all ages that will put your reactions and accuracy to the test! will have your fingers begging for mercy!

The App, lets you play with ghouls, tap to Splatt and you will be sending the ghosts back to whence they came and build your score-chain multiplier. Spread out as many demons as you can before the time runs out and the reaper judges your deeds.


 5. Pumpkins vs. Monsters (Free)

Pumpkins vs. Monsters

 App store :

The monsters revived in the midnight darkness and they goes to invade people’s home while they are sleeping without knowing the dangerous upcoming. The world will not peace anymore. This app is an action defensive type of game perfect combination of all-out battle between our pumpkins (Halloween) and monsters (Evil)!

App has designed with simple control, just flick the pumpkins to attack and inflict damage on monsters before they get to you. At this time, the pumpkin (hero halloween) come out, they work together to care for people homes, make use of their bodies to battle on the monsters.

This is an addictive game with endless mode, will keep you entertained for hours. App evolved 6 different worlds, same number atrributes of pumkins, shop system, story more upto 90 levels and many other features.


6. Scary Voice Changer (Free)

Scary Voice Changer

App store link :

This app lets you record and save your voice in the app and features will make you able to change your voice in scary ways i.e altering speed, adding spooky effects to scare your friends with inbuilt sounds like of a ghost, spark, mummy, witch, and even a chainsaw. More sound effects includes : Scratch, Radio, Robot, Crazy, Wolf, Fire

This app is very popular during the Halloween season and perfect voice changer to scare your close people, friends on that day. Speed of each effect’s can be modified. Ever heard a super fat mummy? Or a hyper ghost? Harmonize each manipulation with a diversity of speeds for hours of fun.


7. Scare Your Friends – SHOCK! (Free)

Scare Your Friends - Shock

App Link :

If you want to shock those friends who won’t be easily scared off by ghosts, by installing this app you would be able to frighten even the toughest guy. This is very easy with three steps, first select most terrifying pictures of the app -What I personally recommend ‘evil clown’.

Next step is selecting a horrifying sound from the list. Finally, set the time either some seconds or minutes when you want the image and sound to appear on your phone. Let your friend to use your phone and when the image and sound together will play at that set time, your friend will definitely have horrible dreams about evil clowns for days.


8 . Ghost Capture – Free

Ghost Capture

App Link :

With Ghost Capture, you can terrify your highly superstitious and easily fooled friends by manipulating any photo from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch photo album. This mobile app allows users to create realistic paranormal photo manipulations and capture “paranormal activity” in every photo.

You can either select existing image from phone galley or take a new one directly through the app, and then choose from a variety of ghosts to superimpose into the image. There is option you to choose ghosts template from faceless torsos, creepy Victorian children, ghostly orbs, Civil War soldiers and more. You can easily rotate, change the size and transparency of the ghost to achieve the optimum effect..


Let’s get into the Halloween spirit and enjoy the “SPOOKY SEASON!