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The first rule to build a strong relationship with client is to NOT treat them as one. Consider your clients as your partners, your friends and nurture your relationship just like you would with someone who is emotionally attached to you.

Your customers or rather your friends, are your biggest resources. Don’t give them a cause to leave. Reliability must be your definitive goal, but it cannot be achieved if your friends aren’t happy.

Make every effort to always progress your services. If you aren’t contributing enough in developing your skills, one day or the other your competitor will outgrow you. However, with the advancements in skill, you not only continue to provide better service, you also can cater to a larger market.


Below are few old-school but important steps we take at all times, to ensure customer satisfaction.


Make introductions

If a customer mentions in passing that they are working on a new strategy or is looking to learn about a topic, think of an expert or someone within your network to introduce your client to who can help shed some light or bounce ideas off of. Anytime they have a query or are looking for guidance, they will call you to observe if you know anyone. This will help you refer others and gain referrals from others.

A co-operative business environment ! Yes Sir, that’s exactly what you need.

Give regular updates

Try and set an interval at which to give updates. Keep your buyers in the loop and create them alert of some upcoming delay in the project. This frequently depends how mixed up a client wants to be and whether they want to see early theoretical stage or just the over design.

Quote sincerely for work

The more organized the money side is, the less chance you will fall out over it. Give a clear quote, in writing, and list out what you will deliver, by when, and any fees for revisions or edits.

Stick to the deadline

If possible, put your individual delivery deadline to a day or 2 before the deadline in case of unexpected problems.

Over-deliver when it’s imperative

You perhaps do not have the time and money to over-deliver on project by a big edge though it is all regarding creating value. Send a little bit more so that your buyer feels they get incredible free or extra with their money.

Follow up

Eventually, the customer will come back if your service was successful for them. Ask them how their company plan turned out and if any change they would like for next time.


SharpWebStudio is committed to meeting customer requirement through continual improvement of its performance and quality management systems. We believe in strengthening relationships and encourage repeat business with existing clients. Our top priority is to provide exceptional customer services and total customer satisfaction.