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Parse is the complete mobile app backend platform with perfect and an economical cloud for your apps which helps in storing app’s data in the cloud and no servers. With Parse you do not have to worry about the server maintenance and complex infrastructure as It allows mobile app developers to focus on creating a great user experience, unique & engaging apps on any platform. Parse has an SDK for everyone from desktop to mobile apps. Parse native software developer kits (SDKs) for IOS, Android, Windows 8, OS X, Xamarin, Unity and Java Script make it easy to create a powerful and beautiful apps for all favorite devices.

Big brands and small Indie developers alike choose parse platform to reduce time and concentrate on building an amazing user experience. We can bring all the power of parse to our Unity Games On IOS, Android and on the web. More than 100,000 apps has already built on parse platform because of its powerful and useful features. One positive development in connection with Parse is that popular social media channel Facebook had already acquired it and because of this event Parse become first B2B service under the Facebook umbrella.


Advantages of Parse Development Services:


Mobile apps can be made social instantly using Parse

Parse Offers “Backend as a Service” to Mobile Developers

Creating, scheduling and segmenting push notifications becomes easier with Parse

Parse is a perfect cloud for your apps and hence you do not need any servers
Custom code can be run on Parse cloud so there is no need of a server for your app code.