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Backend as a Service, or BaaS (sometimes referred to as mBaaS) is best described as a different approach to back ends. Rather than the traditional ones which comprise of servers, applications and databases that support an app’s user-facing front end — BAAS works by introducing cloud services architecture to back-end processing.

Cloud platform enables app developers to easily integrate cool features into your iOS and Google Android apps like on demand push-notifications, offline availability of data, in-app usage analytics and better control.

How will it help my app  ?

Backend as a Service provides the two most overlooked components of development Data Security and Scalable Environment. It eliminates the need for developers to construct their own back ends and focus on application logic. Thus by removing the need to build and maintain common actions like add/edit/delete (CRUD) in the backend, individual developers, agencies and enterprise IT departments can deliver apps that focus on user experience in lesser time.

More importantly, this gives your app far better reliability and response-time than a normal host i.e. when your app gets a spike in the number of simultaneous users.

How does it affect the time involved ?

BAAS providers normally provide an SDK for every platform i.e. be it on server-side or client-side and for desktop/web or mobile applications. A user comfortable in front-end development like Javascript or Objective C can begin actual development without waiting for the backend to be completed. This is because the BAAS generates backend on the fly.

Big brands and small Indie developers alike are choosing BAAS platform to reduce time and concentrate on building an amazing user experience.

We can bring all the power of BAAS to your Unity 3D Games on IOSAndroid and on the web.

What are the Downsides of using BAAS ?

Vendor lock-in is the main problem many indie developers face. Even though service providers claim that the data can be easily deployed and migrated, the difference in the terminology can sometimes affect the ease. However, more and more providers are moving towards providing a consistent approach to make it easier for users. For example Stackmob even provides a migration tool that will help you move from Parse to Stackmob platform easily.

In a Nutshell

If you are looking to provide a better user experience and response time irrespective of number of users and are looking for quick and easy deployment of your app BAAS is an alternative you cannot choose to ignore.

If you are looking for BAAS related development or have any queries related to it, [dcscf-link action=open text=”contact our experts”] for the best solution that will match your specific need.