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Getting started with your own Shopify store

Getting started with your own Shopify store

We live in a world where technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and in order to cope with the increased demands that your customers are having, the best thing you can do is to move your land-based store in the online world. Shopify is an e-commerce engine that provides you with a great way to share your items through an online interface. The tool has been created with ease of use and affordability in mind, however in order to truly stand out when using Shopify you need to customize it according to your needs.

How to perform Shopify setup?

Setting up Shopify requires you to go to and sign up for the service, then confirm your details. One that is done, you will enter your store that was just created and which requires some Shopify
customization. You will need to choose a theme for the store, then once you select and modify the theme according to your liking, you will need to start by adding products from the Products tab. You need to enter as many product details as possible, because the better the description, the higher conversion rates you can achieve. If you can add information such as the SKU, barcode and price comparison to your competition for example, you will definitely have the upper hand in increasing your conversion rate even further!

After you added a product, you need to save it then continue to add more products via the same menu, and then save your store. Once everything is set in stone, all that remains to be done is to launch the store!

Check out how the admin dashboard will look for your store. Now all that is left is gearing up for the sell.

Shopify Admin Dashboard screenshot

How can we help?

Shopify customization is the major key when it comes to success, and this is why working with a professional team of ecommerce website development will help you obtain the upper hand against your competition.

If you are looking for a good, honest and professional team of ecommerce developers, then here at SharpWebStudio we fit the bill perfectly. One of our main specializations is to completely customize your Shopify store by taking your vision and transposing it into reality. Our team of professionals will design any Shopify themes you need, according to your instructions, so you can have a unique, breathtaking new store that will generate more leads and increase your profitability.

Our team at Sharp Web Studio also provides you with complete Shopify customization as well as setup. With more than a decade of experience in performing Shopify customization, we focused on providing the highest quality, great speed as well as an increased level of security, which in our opinion are the trio that adds up to create the perfect ecommerce website. Not only this, we can optimise your Shopify store for Search Engines, attract visitors through digital marketing campaigns, well laid out product presentations and demonstration videos for your products.

Thanks to our competitive pricing, high amount of expertise as well as respect for our customers and project, you always know that working with us will be a great experience. This is why we encourage you to check out our ecommerce website development service, as it provides you with all the ingredients you need for having an astounding, professional and unique Shopify store. We look forward to work with you!

Are there any specific issues you are facing with your Shopify store ? Leave a comment below and let our expert team answer you.

Happy Selling!!

8 Exciting new Halloween apps to celebrate this season

8 Exciting new Halloween apps to celebrate this season

Halloween as the world celebrates, is a combination of the festival of Samhain and other influences from around the world, including Christian influence. There may be a few pagans that still recognize Samhain and practice the original rituals. During the festival they would bless and convert Pagans. Each country celebrate this festive season in a different way. In the US, it’s a big fun day for kids as well as adults alike.


We call it “Halloween” because “Hallow” means saints, and “-een” (originally e’en) means Evening. All Hallows Eve.

“Halloween” Celebration Around the World

People love to be scared and Halloween is a time for just that. Thousands and thousands are spent on haunted houses all over the country. It is celebrated by millions of people around many countries as a fun time for kids, putting on costumes and going door-to-door to get candy

When you add retail candy and decoration sales to the figure, Halloween isn’t going away any time soon. In the US, it’s not a federal or religious holiday or anything. It’s simply a fun tradition. People get dressed up, have parties, trick-or-treat, tell spooky stories, etc.


Halloween’s just creeping around the corner and below are Best IOS and Android creepy apps to scare your friends on Halloween


1 . Angry Birds Halloween (Paid)

Angry Birds Halloween

(Itune App store link :

This game is a spooky twirl on the Rovio’s original gameplay to a whole new level! Marked with a scary pattern including ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, bats and more. From Halloween to Chinese New Year, the birds are celebrating special festive seasons around the world. Like its predecessor, Angry Birds Halloween has also been crazily popular and become #1 paid app in the both Itune and Android app stores.

App is well designed and incredibly challenging levels with more than 300 levels which will make you fun of Angry Birds, but more challenging, and with presents and pumpkins. The app regularly updates these special episodes without any charge, offers more challenging levels of golden eggs to discover and pig-popping action. Rovio explained that app was downloaded a million times in just six days and with the lowest price of $0.99


2. Halloween Card Creator (Free)

Halloween Card Creator

App store link :

With customization feature in Halloween Card Creator app lets you tailor your own Halloween cards with touch gestures, over 150 pieces of clip art, widgets, unique fonts and more. You can design amazing cards with just a few swipes of your fingers and share them with your friends. With the help of tons of great backgrounds, you can easily save and share your designed Halloween cards on Facebook or via email from the app itself.



3. Halloween Party Sound Lite (Free)

Halloween Party Sound Lite

App store link :

The Android counterpart to iPhone’s Soundlab, the Soundboard is pure fun. A scary Halloween soundboard with a difference. App lets you select a delay from Five to Sixty seconds, choose a sound, hide your phone and give your friends the spooky scare of their life as the sounds play by itself!

You can scare your friends with new Halloween characters and sounds like -Scarecrow, Vampire, Frankenstein, Mummy, Undertaker, Witch, Psycho, Devil and Monsters!

There is also pro version which provides an Ad-Free version with updated interface, sounds and a scary extra feature.


4. Halloween SplattaGhoul (Free)

Halloween SplattaGhoul

App store :

SplattaGhoul Halloween is ghastly game featuring creepy creatures of the night, fearsome 3D-rendered locations, chilling sound effects and eerie music. Splattaghoul suitable for all age players, suitable for all ages that will put your reactions and accuracy to the test! will have your fingers begging for mercy!

The App, lets you play with ghouls, tap to Splatt and you will be sending the ghosts back to whence they came and build your score-chain multiplier. Spread out as many demons as you can before the time runs out and the reaper judges your deeds.


 5. Pumpkins vs. Monsters (Free)

Pumpkins vs. Monsters

 App store :

The monsters revived in the midnight darkness and they goes to invade people’s home while they are sleeping without knowing the dangerous upcoming. The world will not peace anymore. This app is an action defensive type of game perfect combination of all-out battle between our pumpkins (Halloween) and monsters (Evil)!

App has designed with simple control, just flick the pumpkins to attack and inflict damage on monsters before they get to you. At this time, the pumpkin (hero halloween) come out, they work together to care for people homes, make use of their bodies to battle on the monsters.

This is an addictive game with endless mode, will keep you entertained for hours. App evolved 6 different worlds, same number atrributes of pumkins, shop system, story more upto 90 levels and many other features.


6. Scary Voice Changer (Free)

Scary Voice Changer

App store link :

This app lets you record and save your voice in the app and features will make you able to change your voice in scary ways i.e altering speed, adding spooky effects to scare your friends with inbuilt sounds like of a ghost, spark, mummy, witch, and even a chainsaw. More sound effects includes : Scratch, Radio, Robot, Crazy, Wolf, Fire

This app is very popular during the Halloween season and perfect voice changer to scare your close people, friends on that day. Speed of each effect’s can be modified. Ever heard a super fat mummy? Or a hyper ghost? Harmonize each manipulation with a diversity of speeds for hours of fun.


7. Scare Your Friends – SHOCK! (Free)

Scare Your Friends - Shock

App Link :

If you want to shock those friends who won’t be easily scared off by ghosts, by installing this app you would be able to frighten even the toughest guy. This is very easy with three steps, first select most terrifying pictures of the app -What I personally recommend ‘evil clown’.

Next step is selecting a horrifying sound from the list. Finally, set the time either some seconds or minutes when you want the image and sound to appear on your phone. Let your friend to use your phone and when the image and sound together will play at that set time, your friend will definitely have horrible dreams about evil clowns for days.


8 . Ghost Capture – Free

Ghost Capture

App Link :

With Ghost Capture, you can terrify your highly superstitious and easily fooled friends by manipulating any photo from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch photo album. This mobile app allows users to create realistic paranormal photo manipulations and capture “paranormal activity” in every photo.

You can either select existing image from phone galley or take a new one directly through the app, and then choose from a variety of ghosts to superimpose into the image. There is option you to choose ghosts template from faceless torsos, creepy Victorian children, ghostly orbs, Civil War soldiers and more. You can easily rotate, change the size and transparency of the ghost to achieve the optimum effect..


Let’s get into the Halloween spirit and enjoy the “SPOOKY SEASON!


Innovation – your ladder to growth

Innovation – your ladder to growth

Innovation is a very essential tool for business success.  Whether you are running a small or a big business, innovation plays a very important role in your business’ success or failure. If Microsoft had stopped innovating at DOS, then we would not have Windows operating system, likewise if Apple had not innovated, we would not have iPhones. Businesses that don’t improve and grow with time just shrink and go away.


Why is Innovation important ?

Innovation can help you find out what opportunities exist at present, or are likely to emerge in the future.

Innovation is not only about introducing fresh product or service to sell, but it can also focus on existing business processes and practices to improve effectiveness, cut down on waste, find new customers, and increase profits.

It is one of the main way to differentiate your product or service from the competition. If you can’t compete on price, you’ll need innovative products, services and ideas to make your business stand out from the crowd.

New and innovative services help in order to keep the standard of living and provide people with opportunities to improve their lives.


Steps to Innovation

  •       Make innovation a management priority.
  •       Learn from mistakes.
  •       Listen to your customers.


Innovative ideas can occur at any place or anytime.

  •       Meet with millennials
  •       Collaborate across IT and the business
  •       Welcome new technologies
  •       Find the budget to increase innovation


Barriers to Innovation


One of the most common barrier to innovation in an organisation is a leader or manager that is not open to new, innovative ideas. Due to this, employees won’t be motivated to come up with new thoughts and ideas since nobody is going to bother listening to them.

Time and resources are also one of the barriers that comes in the way of innovation. We are often so busy doing the normal work that we don’t invest sufficient time and resources to generate new ideas. When ideas are generated, they are not taken any further due to the potential risks associated with developing the idea.

Lack of understanding and interaction with the customers, market and industry are also significant barriers to innovation.

Inability to execute and commercialise new ideas are the barriers to innovation that come from lack of management skills. After spending time, resources and effort to develop an idea an organisation may fail to make use of the idea. It however takes careful management and planning, as well as commitment from the organisation, to generate cost-effective returns from good, innovative ideas.

At Sharpwebstudio we are committed to innovative approach for continual improvement due to our belief that there are better ways of doing things. We always motivate and train our organisation members for continual improvement of standards. We take active interest in creating environment of effective teamwork and cooperation that helps employees to work effectively, think independently to produce a remarkable product for you.

Independence Day Celebrations

Independence Day Celebrations

Even if I have to face death a thousand times for

The sake of my Motherland, I shall not be sorry.

Oh Lord! Grant me a hundred births in India.

But grant me this, too, that each time I may give up

My life in the service of the Motherland.

 -Ram Prasad Bismil


15th  August 1947 is the most important day in the history of India.  It always reminds us of untold sacrifices undergone by our freedom fighters. We should worship those patriots who shed their blood for achieving freedom.

At Sharpwebstudio independence day is celebrated with great enthusiasm.  As a small gesture to salute our National Flag all members at SharpWebStudio were dressed up in Tri-colors. In the national flag of India the top band is of Saffron colour, indicating the strength and courage of the country. The white middle band indicates peace and truth with Dharma Chakra. The last band is green in colour and shows the fertility, growth and auspiciousness of the land.

Various fun activities were organised to keep the enthusiasm of the team high. All members displayed great interest and participated in all activities. Team members were filled with a zeal and enthusiasm to express the feeling of unity and secularism. Further, active participation from Mr. Hemant Bhargava, the Company Director, also boosted the overall enjoyment level of the team.

In the end, exciting prizes were distributed between winners and best dressed male and female chosen by the members themselves.


Team Picture on Independence Day Team Picture on Independence Day






How to grow business –  ways to keep your customers happy

How to grow business – ways to keep your customers happy

The first rule to build a strong relationship with client is to NOT treat them as one. Consider your clients as your partners, your friends and nurture your relationship just like you would with someone who is emotionally attached to you.

Your customers or rather your friends, are your biggest resources. Don’t give them a cause to leave. Reliability must be your definitive goal, but it cannot be achieved if your friends aren’t happy.

Make every effort to always progress your services. If you aren’t contributing enough in developing your skills, one day or the other your competitor will outgrow you. However, with the advancements in skill, you not only continue to provide better service, you also can cater to a larger market.


Below are few old-school but important steps we take at all times, to ensure customer satisfaction.


Make introductions

If a customer mentions in passing that they are working on a new strategy or is looking to learn about a topic, think of an expert or someone within your network to introduce your client to who can help shed some light or bounce ideas off of. Anytime they have a query or are looking for guidance, they will call you to observe if you know anyone. This will help you refer others and gain referrals from others.

A co-operative business environment ! Yes Sir, that’s exactly what you need.

Give regular updates

Try and set an interval at which to give updates. Keep your buyers in the loop and create them alert of some upcoming delay in the project. This frequently depends how mixed up a client wants to be and whether they want to see early theoretical stage or just the over design.

Quote sincerely for work

The more organized the money side is, the less chance you will fall out over it. Give a clear quote, in writing, and list out what you will deliver, by when, and any fees for revisions or edits.

Stick to the deadline

If possible, put your individual delivery deadline to a day or 2 before the deadline in case of unexpected problems.

Over-deliver when it’s imperative

You perhaps do not have the time and money to over-deliver on project by a big edge though it is all regarding creating value. Send a little bit more so that your buyer feels they get incredible free or extra with their money.

Follow up

Eventually, the customer will come back if your service was successful for them. Ask them how their company plan turned out and if any change they would like for next time.


SharpWebStudio is committed to meeting customer requirement through continual improvement of its performance and quality management systems. We believe in strengthening relationships and encourage repeat business with existing clients. Our top priority is to provide exceptional customer services and total customer satisfaction.

Is JavaScript the Language of the Future?

Is JavaScript the Language of the Future?

JavaScript is gaining as the most popular programming language in the world. It is the language for the Web Development,  iOS & Android Apps Development, server-end development and has in recent passed gained popularity among the developers at large. JavaScript very quickly gained widespread success as an all-in-one solution for different platforms.

Different Frameworks :

  • Backbone.js
  • NodeJS
  • Meteor
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • JavaScriptMVC
  • Kendo
  • AngularJS
  • Atoms.js
  • Chaplin.js
  • Cappuccino
  • Echo
  • Ember.js
  • Knockout
  • Rialto Toolkit
  • SproutCore
  • Wakanda Framework


JavaScript is also moving quickly onto the hardware world.

  • Nodebots
  • Arduino
  • Espruino
  • Tessel


JavaScript is now an integral part of several operating systems like.

  • Windows8
  • Chrome OS (Chromebooks)
  • GNome Linux
  • Firefox Os


JavaScript as a replacement for Traditional Languages (PHP / .NET )

Yes sir, using JavaScript you can create server-side web applications with database file-system and even interact with the system environment as well as simple and complex mobile applications using various frameworks available. JS is event driven, asynchronous, easy and ideal to develop real-time apps.

With many server side solutions to use JavaScript, the most notable and popular framework is NodeJS. You can now actually use JavaScript as a server-side language as it is fast (for all who really doubt this, check out : Paypal & NodeJS ), easy to manage, exciting. Also you can create entire site with javascript language if used Node.JS and MongoDB database. Node JS framework is asynchronous, which makes it highly scalable and a great fit for all the big data out there. You will be able to use the same language on the back end and the front end, making life easier for development teams.

Learn more here : Node.js programming (Setting up Node.JS on your Linux)


JavaScript for everything else. Really  ?

JavaScript will assuredly become more dominant in all the areas like web, mobile (native and non-native), Tablets, Internet browsers etc. In the past only way to write code for smartphone application was native languages demanded by the manufacturer. For example: for iPhone – Objective-C; for Android – Java; for Microsoft – C#. Now most mobile developers can get the performance they want out of HTML5 applications running in browser like views.


Have you started developing with extensive JavaScript yet or are still doubtful of its future?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

I am a business owner, and I want to create an app. But which platform should I target first ?

I am a business owner, and I want to create an app. But which platform should I target first ?

Mobile applications has become an important part of every business. With the help of different mobile apps it is easy to connect with consumers, selling services & getting service request, sending quotations, products showcase, reviews & rating and for many other dealings. For example if one is running a business which deals in computer/laptop hardware & repair, he needs to analyse daily consumer requirements, volumes, margins etc for his local area. It also depends on size, popularity of the business and how much amount one can bear to launch mobile apps on various platform.

Every business owner whether he is running small/big firm, have some doubts in their mind like:

– Which mobile platform suits to their business?

– Where can I find a great business app idea ?

– Whether it will cover  targeted business area either locally or globally?

– How long will it take and what are the costs involved?

– What factors one should consider while hiring an app development team ?

Some businesses can afford apps on all mobile platforms and some cannot. They need to focus on only one or two platforms/devices which are most popular on that local areas as well as used by their consumers. Mobile Apps could be native or cross platform according to the requirements. A native app works on specific device or an operating system like iPhone mobile application which is only compatible on apple devices and also  takes time in development. Comparatively it is costly and one needs to hire a good mobile apps development team. Most of the native application are built on these popular platforms  – IOS, Android, BB, Windows etc.

A small business can go for mobile app such as single native platform, cross/multi platforms according to their needs. There are 100+ open source frameworks available which can fulfil all business requirements, target local or global regions, compatible on all mobiles. This is the best option for small as well as big businesses who want to invest less and publish app for different mobile device users. Most popular cross platform frameworks are – Phonegap, Cordova, Titanium Appcelerator, Sencha etc.


Mobile platform comparison based on demographics/countries :


This comparison includes Geography/Separated target areas for smartphone and their applications – which mobile phones are popular in which region, what would be more useful platform to create apps for business, which platform should target first ? For example, If you owned a local business in US then you can go for Apple platform because more people are using iPhone, Ipad devices there. But if you have international business then you can go for both app markets because worldwide 48% uses iPhone & 52% Android. E.g. in India, Android is more popular, so if you want to target Indian market, you should create an app, firstly for Android and later for Phone, BB, Windows etc. Also you need to analyze which type of mobiles are popular in your business. 

According to a new smartphone sales data research from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Google’s Android mobile devices increased their lead over other mobile platforms during the end of 2013 ((October-December period), registering year-over-year growth in various major markets. While Apple’s market share dip slightly in key markets,


USA 3 m/e Dec 2012 3 m/e Dec 2012 % pt. Change
Android 46.2 50.6 4.4
BlackBerry 0.9 0.4 -0.5
IOS 49.7 43.9 -5.8
Windows 2.4 4.3 1.9
Other 0.8 0.8 0.0


China 3 m/e Dec 2012 3 m/e Dec 2012 % pt. Change
Android 73.7 78.6 4.9
BlackBerry 0.0 0.1 0.1
IOS 21.2 19.0 -2.2
Windows 0.9 1.1 0.2
Other 4.2 1.3 -2.9


Australia 3 m/e Dec 2012 3 m/e Dec 2012 % pt. Change
Android 56.0 57.2 1.2
BlackBerry 1.0 0.8 -0.2
IOS 38.5 35.2 -3.3
Windows 3.0 5.2 2.2
Other 1.5 1.7 0.2


EU5 3 m/e Dec 2012 3 m/e Dec 2012 % pt. Change
Android 62.9 68.6 5.7
BlackBerry 3.7 1.5 -2.2
IOS 23.7 18.5 -5.2
Windows 5.6 10.3 4.6
Other 4.0 1.1 -3.0


Latin America 3 m/e Dec 2012 3 m/e Dec 2012 % pt. Change
Android 61.6 83.5 21.9
BlackBerry 10.3 2.8 -7.5
IOS 4.4 4.3 -0.1
Windows 6.8 4.9 -1.8
Other 17.0 4.5 -12.5


Germany 3 m/e Dec 2012 3 m/e Dec 2012 % pt. Change
Android 69.0 75.4 6.4
BlackBerry 1.1 0.5 -0.6
IOS 21.7 17.3 -4.4
Windows 3.4 5.9 2.5
Other 4.8 0.9 -3.9


GB 3 m/e Dec 2012 3 m/e Dec 2012 % pt. Change
Android 56.0 54.4 0.5
BlackBerry 6.4 3.2 -3.2
IOS 32.4 29.9 -2.5
Windows 5.9 11.3 5.4
Other 0.9 0.6 -0.3


France 3 m/e Dec 2012 3 m/e Dec 2012 % pt. Change
Android 61.0 65.9 4.9
BlackBerry 5.1 1.6 -3.5
IOS 23.7 20.3 -3.4
Windows 5.0 11.4 6.4
Other 5.1 0.8 -4.3


Italy 3 m/e Dec 2012 3 m/e Dec 2012 % pt. Change
Android 54.2 66.2 12.0
BlackBerry 2.6 1.6 -0.8
IOS 23.1 12.8 -10.3
Windows 12.7 17.1 4.4
Other 7.4 2.1 -5.3


Spain 3 m/e Dec 2012 3 m/e Dec 2012 % pt. Change
Android 85.9 86.2 0.3
BlackBerry 2.4 0.2 -2.2
IOS 7.3 6.7 -0.6
Windows 1.2 5.6 4.4
Other 3.2 1.3 -1.9


Another research by StatCounter for the 227 countries, Android was the market leader in 135 countries, whereas Apple was the market leader in only 38 countries, including the U.S. Android’s biggest advantage is that it isn’t tied to a single device manufacturer or relatively limited price point, which is why the Google-owned OS is very popular in countries.

The iOS, which runs only on Apple devices, is not only tied to a device but a relatively high price range. Most of the 38 countries in which iOS is popular are developed countries with a large number of consumers with high disposable incomes.

Hence a little research, will help you a long way in finding what will suit your business best and how target your customers cost effectively. If you would like to have an analysis done for your upcoming or existing mobile app, feel free to contact us.

Parse Development Services for Mobile Apps

Parse Development Services for Mobile Apps



Parse is the complete mobile app backend platform with perfect and an economical cloud for your apps which helps in storing app’s data in the cloud and no servers. With Parse you do not have to worry about the server maintenance and complex infrastructure as It allows mobile app developers to focus on creating a great user experience, unique & engaging apps on any platform. Parse has an SDK for everyone from desktop to mobile apps. Parse native software developer kits (SDKs) for IOS, Android, Windows 8, OS X, Xamarin, Unity and Java Script make it easy to create a powerful and beautiful apps for all favorite devices.

Big brands and small Indie developers alike choose parse platform to reduce time and concentrate on building an amazing user experience. We can bring all the power of parse to our Unity Games On IOS, Android and on the web. More than 100,000 apps has already built on parse platform because of its powerful and useful features. One positive development in connection with Parse is that popular social media channel Facebook had already acquired it and because of this event Parse become first B2B service under the Facebook umbrella.


Advantages of Parse Development Services:


Mobile apps can be made social instantly using Parse

Parse Offers “Backend as a Service” to Mobile Developers

Creating, scheduling and segmenting push notifications becomes easier with Parse

Parse is a perfect cloud for your apps and hence you do not need any servers
Custom code can be run on Parse cloud so there is no need of a server for your app code.

Setting up Node.JS on your Linux

Setting up Node.JS on your Linux

Before starting this, let us point you to this page which covers a good list of servers and how you can install NodeJS on your own server. The instructions/details below are specific to few common problems that came during setting up of of development servers on few of our projects.

1.)  apt-get command not found


1.) Running "sudo rpm --import" gives
 you "error: import read failed(-1)."

Quick Fix : Use “wget” instead:

tar-zxvf [node-version.tar.gz]
cd [node-v0.10.18]

The above commands will download the latest version of Node, unzip it and change the directory for you.

2.) After doing the above, run “./configure” in the Node directory. The Configure command might throw an error like below :

File "./configure", line 433
    fpu = 'vfpv3' if armv7 else 'vfpv2'
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

This is perhaps due to the version of Python your host is using. Try installing Python latest version of Python.

The key however, is not to screw up the current Python version your host is using. So we use “altinstall” to avoid changing the system version of Python because it will break the system, like below:

tar xf Python-2.7.6.tar.xz
cd Python-2.7.6
make && make altinstall

Once you have done this, you can then run “python2.7 ./configure” in your NodeJS folder to compile it successfully.

3.) Once you have solved the above, you can go ahead and run in your NodeJS folder:

make sudo make install

to install the NodeJS.

4.) Test it by quickly running the command:

node --version

to check for the installed version of NodeJS.

5.) When you are developing, you would want the Node server to keep running as a service, otherwise when you close the SSH terminal or Putty, you will find that the Node server also shuts down. You can use “Forever” to run your NodeJS server forever regardless of closing the connection to the SSH.

npm install forever -g

-g tells npm to install it globally

Run your NodeJS script/server using:

forever start hello.js

Lastly, if you are looking for a beginner’s approach to NodeJS development, head on to NodeBiginner for getting your hands dirty with NodeJS.

Keep Progrocking!!

Native vs. Cross Platform apps. Which one is right for my business?

Native vs. Cross Platform apps. Which one is right for my business?

During the last several years of I.T. evolution, mobile application development market has led both the clients and mobile developers to face the questions:

Should we look for native app on each mobile platform (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows) or should we build a cross-platform solution? Which Platform is right for our business?  

Here are some major factors that we assessed while searching an optimal solution and the right balance between time, cost and performance of the app:


  • TIME: Native mobile app development for a specific device and porting it to other platforms is very time consuming process as each new platform requires more or less similar amount of development/coding time.
  • DEVELOPMENT SKILLSET and Talent: Native app development leads to an increased range of the required skills – hence, it increases the number of the developers involved in the project;
  • COST: As per above-mentioned factors – the cost of native mobile apps development may vary for each project where sometime client needs the app in two platforms simultaneously or more. It increased cost to be doubled, tripled or even quadrupled depending on the number of platforms he would like to cover.

Let’s have a look on different market places and their specification.

Market Place Apple Itunes Google Play Blackberry App World Windows Phone Marketplace
Languages Obj C, C, C++ Java Java C#, VB.NET, Silverlight
Tools Xcode Android SDK (*Eclipse*) BB Java Eclipse Plug-In Visual Studio and Win Phone Dev Tools


Native Development

Native is essentially the code compiled for specific mobile platforms or devices. For iOS, it’s Objective-C and for Android it’s Java. It is best to choose native app development, as it’s more efficient and stable according to hardware. Native apps always give you better performance and consistent layout. If a requirement of your app is performance you should look very seriously at developing using any specific platform’s native language. By performance we can simply say how responsive your application needs to be, how quickly your app starts, how it interacts with other apps and the device itself and how it consumes available resources. Native applications will always be the most performing.

There are certain cases when we prefer to develop a native mobile application instead of cross platform:

– When solution requires processing large amounts of data on the client side;

– When high performance is essential;

– When developing mobile solutions based on video or game scenarios.

– When developing utilities that manage system resources or Operating Systems (OS);

Advantages of Native Mobile Applications:

  • Much Better Performance
  • Access to all hardware/OS features out of the box (camera, storage, Mic) access provided by the native API
  • No Limits between your imagination and the device’s capabilities

Disadvantages of Native Mobile Applications:

  • Porting app to another platform need same amount of code or time.
  • Number of developers needed



There are many at least 100+ of these Cross platform Tools in today’s market, though we only typically hear of a few which are popular and used by most developer. Cross-platform mobile application development is a solution in which code languages usually HTML/CSS and JavaScript are used and compiled for multiple platforms. You essentially need one code base to compile to multiple devices. Some solutions will compile it into native code but some use web views and hooks to use native features. There are many factors why people use cross-platform solutions; one is to keep costs down. Some Examples of Cross-Platform solutions are Titanium Appcelerator, Phonegap or Cordova, Corona, Sencha.


When to go with Cross Platform App

  • Your app ports on more than one platform.
  • Need access to basic native features (Contacts, Calendar..)
  • Need simple look and feel/performance


Some Advantages of using Cross Platform App

  • Write once build for anywhere
  • Saves time
  • Standard performance


Some Limitations of using Cross Platform App

  • Sometimes we need to write platform specific code
  • To write plugins/modules again in Native Code (Obj, Java, C#)
  • End user may find difference in performance.
  • It’s young now (but the number of strong supporters is growing)


We can see both Native vs Cross platform mobile application by comparing into a table :

Mobile Platforms Device Access Development Speed Development Cost Approval Process Code Base
Native Full Best Expensive Mandatory Different
Cross-Platform Full Better Reasonable Mandatory One


If you still have doubts and would like to choose the best alternative at a price that does not drive a black hole in your pocket, get in touch with us for an expert opinion.